So before the Manager's meeting Wednesday here at Townsquare Media Killeen-Temple, I went to the kitchen for a snack (we had a BBQ the day before and I hit the leftover chips stash).

Apparently, I grossed out everyone...Obviously it was the first time they saw anyone put ketchup on potato chips.

I had to break it down to them that this was a hood delicacy, here is my wonderful creation by the way:


And here's a great potato chip moment, might as well watch the rest of the clip for gits and shiggles huh?


So that made me wonder.....    Am I weird?

Am I the only one who dips his fries from Wendy's in the Frosty and then eats it.

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Eugene Gologursky



Also, when I do eat hot dogs I don't like putting ketchup on them.

In fact, I don't like putting anything on them.

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When I do eat Doritos (everyday) I crunch the entire bag first....then eat them.....

Moment Editorial/Getty Images

And by the way I still put SALT on my grits!

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Do you eat ketchup on your fries?

By the way, if you feel any of this is weird then you're just not sitting at the lunch table with the cool kids.... with your boring old PB&J.