If you woke up to find some weird text messages on your phone this morning, you're not alone.

Folks across Twitter, Reddit, and other online hubs were collectively asking WTF after weird texts were pushed out to inboxes across the nation.

Turns out it's not a virus or an alien takeover. Cooper Fox with our sister station WMME-FM 92 Moose in Maine reports that the texts are the result of a glitch that occurred as updates were being made to a cross-carrier messaging system that most of our cell providers use.

Fox's report was cited by Popular Mechanics, which reports that Spring, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon agreed earlier this year to join the system as a way of improving group chats and other communications features on our phones. The Verge reports that it was mostly T-Mobile and Sprint customers who were affected, though there are plenty of reports of Verizon and AT&T customers seeing weird messages as well.

Whatever they were doing last night seems to have jarred some old messages loose, and most of them seem to have been sent back on February 14.

So if you woke up to a Valentine's message from an ex this morning, either it was a resend from before you dumped them or they really need to let go and move on.

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