Spoiler alert, this may change your mind about getting your daily grande Caramel Brulée Latte or anything else from Starbucks!

Credit: KCEN

A Starbucks barista, Christian Brown, who was fired, exposed some disturbing photos! In the pictures, which he posted to Facebook, there is trash and food on the floor behind the counter, a fly trap covered in flies and a dirty milk steamer that had turned brown, according to KCEN! He does state though, that he has worked at other Starbucks that haven't been that bad. He said, “I’ve worked a shift or two at other Starbucks, and I’ve never seen anything this bad.” He said the pics are from three months ago. He worked at a location Elk Groves, California, but it makes you wonder how many locations in CTX might look like this!

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