Something fishy is going on. Texarkana, Texas saw a weird meteorological phenomenon on Wednesday, December 29 when the rain clouds rolled through and dumped not only rain, but fish on the area.

It's Raiinin' Men Fish

The meteorological phenomenon is known as "animal rain", and it happens when a water spout sucks up small animals like fish, frogs, or crabs and ends up dumping them with the raindrops.

Yes, They Got Fish Rain in Texarkana

According to the ArkLaTexHomepage, this crazy phenomenon happened on Wednesday, December 29 at about 4:30pm in Texarkana, Texas leaving many people wondering what was happening.

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The City of Texarkana took to their Facebook page to share the news:

According to the report, small fish that appeared to be young white bass, some reported to be 4 to 5 inches long, were seen all over the ground at several businesses in Texarkana.

It Happens Fairly Often

This animal rain phenomenon has been known to happen before. In Tampico, Mexico in 2018 fish covered the streets after a storm rolled through. Check out this video.

In 2017 a school in California was also bombarded with fish after a rainstorm, leaving many to wonder if it was a prank or something else:

I guess it could have been worse. It could have been raining cats and dogs!

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