There are so many things that are taught in Texas high schools that are very important for the students to be successful as they become adults and create their own life. So many basic skills that will truly help them as they navigate all the responsibilities that come with being an adult. But there are still some things that should probably be taught in school but for some reason or another they are not currently on the curriculum. Which is why I wanted to discuss some of the things we should be teaching in Texas high schools that are currently being overlooked. 

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Let me start by saying that high school teachers in Texas work long hours often times for little pay because teaching is a passion, and they want to see the next generation be successful. I don’t believe that teachers are actively trying to not teach students certain things, but they are under a lot of pressure to make sure they learn all of these specific things, it’s difficult to cover ever topic that is needed in order for the student to earn their diploma.  

We Need to Rethink What’s Important When Teaching Students 

There are tests scores that need to be at a certain level, I understand that, but as the world continues to change, we need to adapt what we are teaching students at the same time. We need to be able to evolve with all the new technology around us, while still making sure students have a solid understanding of basic information. 

Let’s Look at What Should Be Taught in Texas High Schools 

Thanks to Critical Financial, here is a look at some things they don’t teach in high school, but they should. I think there are many great things mentioned on this list that truly need to be taught to students and making it a part of their school day would help them be successful in the future. Let’s check out the list.

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