Texas has long been a state with a deep history within the drug trade due mostly to their vast border with Mexico that stretches over 1,250 miles and features 28 legal crossing points, and nearly countless additional unauthorized crossing points. Even as marijuana is so readily available in the Lone Star State, it remains illegal for personal possession and consumption outside of medicinal prescription.

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The price of marijuana fluctuates often based upon the supply, and in states where recreational use has become legal, the demand on the street has also seen some adjustment.

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This Is What A New Marijuana Classification Means For Texas

Over the last couple of days, there has been a push to move down the drug classification of marijuana from level 1 that has it side by side with heavy narcotics like opium and fentanyl, to a level 3 drug that would make it recognized by the DEA as being similar to codeine or types of steroids.

You would still need a prescription to get marijuana, but the legal ramifications for simple possession would be greatly reduced.

So, how does reclassifying marijuana effect Texas?

In the end, not a whole lot. Pot would remain illegal for recreational purchase, possession, and use, and a prescription must be obtained for medicinal use as instructed by your physician.

Many do feel this could move the country further down the road to full decriminalization.

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