Dripping Springs, Texas has a lot of beautiful natural scenery and is a popular getaway destination of the enchanting Texas Hill Country, but there is also another world wonder to behold when you look among the man made structures that complement the God crafted backdrop. Your eyes really do allow you to enjoy so many wondrous pleasures in life, and if the phrase, "You eat with your eyes," is true, then you will not find a better meal anywhere in the Lone Star State than this.

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When I say that this dining experience is one of a kind, the owner had to go clear to the other side of the planet, and relocated the building itself from Vietnam where it was built in the 1800's. From there, the whole place was curated from the floors to the ceiling with décor the brings much more than the food to life.

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This Is The Texas Restaurant On New Most Beautiful In America List

When you take into account that the Camp Lucy resort didn't even begin development until 2008 and the vineyard only began in 2020, you have to marvel at how much the whole place feels like it has aged the finest of wines. Tillie's restaurant brings the comfort of your favorite book and house slippers, and yet has only been open for about six years.

The food all by itself is pretty enjoyable, but when it comes to eating with your eyes, you just can't beat a dinner seat at Tillie's.

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