Temple, Texas experienced several passing thunderstorms in the overnight hours, and now several Oncor customers are reporting outages at both homes and businesses. Also dealing with power loss are several city streetlights and stoplights at intersections like the overpass of HK Dodgen Loop 363 over Interstate 35 at the north end of town where the Buc-ee's is located.

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If you slept through the storms overnight, it was quite the sight to see the lightning storms alone. The large number of strikes across the horizon reminded me of the type of scene you generally only experience over the gulf or another large body of water.

If you check the Oncor outage map, you will see in total over 10,000 customers are without power before sunrise this morning. If you are experiencing a loss of power, Oncor requests that you send an "Out," text message to 66267, or call 888-313-4747.

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Unexpected Oncor Outages Now Affecting Temple, Texas And State

According to this KCEN article, Oncor expects power to be restored around 7 this morning, but passing weather could have an impact on that progress, and you should always be prepared for delays.

Additionally, Oncor also reminds everyone to never approach a downed powerline, and to especially steer clear when wet conditions are in play.

We are definitely in the midst of severe weather season throughout Texas, and being prepared is as important as using extreme caution when dealing with electrical issues.

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