Food is important to every Texas resident in the state.

Why is that you ask? Well, everyone in the state has to eat after all! Food is essential to every single person in the Lone Star State.

Of course, there's always going to be that one comfort food that every Texan has. It could be a certain type of BBQ, or perhaps a good old fashioned steak. It could even be a healthy food like salad of course.

But rather, we'll talk about one of the favorite ways Texans like their potatoes: fried. Yes, everyone enjoys a good french fry now and again. But, where is the favorite for Texas located?

The Favorite Fast Food French Fry In The State Of Texas

We turn to Casino Reviews to find the answer for the golden fry from the fast food world that Texas enjoys. America does indeed love there fries, as according to their data, 40% of residents in the nation enjoy them weekly. In fact, crispy fries were wanted 57% more than soft fries.

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So what could be the top fast food french fry in Texas? Could it a Texas Original like Whataburger? Or maybe a place that've you never heard of before?

Well, the answer might be a bit more obvious than expected. Texas agrees with most of the United States on their favorite french fry, as the state selected McDonald's as their favorite fast food fry to eat.

What's more interesting is that the average price people would pay for that immaculate fry is $4.32. Which is a bit pricey, but for the best fry possible? It's worth it.

What's your favorite fast food fry? Let us know by sending us a message using our FREE station app! 

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