If you live in Texas, you know we have those annoying little pests flying around the state. I don't like them & I'm sure you don't either. How bad is the mosquito situation in Texas? Well as Jordan the Stallion's reaction to the Texas Mosquitoes video that went viral a few years ago, you know it’s pretty bad.

And it’s not just this viral video that shows how bad the mosquito situation in Texas can be, even the experts say, there are many cities that are considered to be the worst when it comes to having mosquitoes.

Which Texas cities have the most mosquitoes?

According to Orkin, one of the top pest control companies in the US, at least four different Texas cities rank in the top 50 for having the most amount of mosquitoes:

  • Austin is #46,
  • San Antonio is #39,
  • Houston cracks the top 10 at #9,
  • and Dallas/Fort Worth enters the top 5 right at #5

While these 4 are the most likely to contain large amounts of mosquitoes, they can be found anywhere there's warm weather or water in Texas. An extra reason to be careful with mosquitoes is that they can carry many diseases with them. Some of the most common diseases they've been known to carry are malaria, the West Nile & the Zika virus.

To prevent from being bit by mosquitoes, it's highly recommended that you change the water in your pet bowls/wading pools at least once a week (and empty anything that may contain standing water), wear long sleeve shirts and pants & have any mosquito repellant on hand in your house.


Believe it or not, there IS a species of mosquito that you'd WANT around your house: the crane fly. While these ones are giant, they're actually helpful. But the tiny ones, yeah you can stay away and get rid of them no problem.

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