This year SXSW brought out a lot of talent, some you may have heard of and others who are looking for a way to break into the game. We all know with the industry comes a lot of fake love and enemies.

Surprisingly, the industry has been bombarded with R&B singers who poses the swag of your average trap rapper. New comers to the game Jacquees and Tory Lanez are two singers who are taking the industry by storm with their good looks and amazing talent. A couple weeks ago I was shocked to find out that these two were beefing over who could sing the best (Yes I know that sounds silly) but they actually took the beef serious. The duo went back and forth through twitter throwing shots at each other (on that Meek Mill and Drake).

Now, if you have ever attended SXSW then you know it is very possible to run into ANYBODY while walking down 6th street. So what do you think happen? The two singers bumped into each other while on their way to perform and surprisingly they handled this so called "beef," like two grown men.

Apparently, they talked it out, hugged and even snapped some pics. With the chaos ending way before it actually got started I'm hoping these two will collaborate in the near future and bring up some quality music,

Rachel Murray- Getty Images
Anna Webber - Getty Images