So while I am attending all these shows with artists who are signed to major record labels I am also checking out a few showcases where unsigned artists are performing.

After all, the artists signed were once hungry artists trying to get it!

I got a chance to check out "BackPackers and Trappers"  at the Vortex in Austin

Hosted by our very own BossLady!!

Artists from all over the country performed including this group from Detroit:

Last night I was also able to check out the Next MC 2 Blow Showcase at the Victory Grill hosted by Mike D and Heavy Hustles, this was a MC Competition held at Fuego earlier this month where artists eventually won a spot to perform at the showcase held yesterday:

Here's a group that performed last night from Chicago named THE LIZM:

So as you can see, when SXSW hits Austin it gives other people an opportunity to hold events at other places around the city to give little known artist exposure as well!