While many people across the world were huddling next to their Christmas trees gleefully unwrapping gifts, Jim Jones was dealing with tragedy. Yesterday (Dec. 25), didn't quite go as planned for Capo, as the home of the Harlem rapper's mother burned down on Christmas Day.

The Diplomat rapper revealed the news via Instagram. Reporting live, while firefighters were still securing the building, the obviously shaken rapper broke down the situation.

"On this Christmas, my mom's house just burned down," he says to the camera. "But the best gift of all is that all my family is together, everybody is safe. It's just crazy. Christmas was going good. I don't know. Sometimes you just gotta count your blessings."

Jimmy, who recently purchased an Arena League football team, says he bought his mother the home when he first started getting paper in the rap game, so it holds extra significance. He seems to be using this setback as a sign to hold closer the more important things in life.

"Today I was blessed wit th greatest Christmas gift in my life thus far and tht is my family gettin out of th house safe sound n wit out injuries," he captioned the video. "We can always buy new houses new cars new evrything but we can't buy a new family. On th flip side watchin my momma house burn touch my soul in ways I couldn't imagine. I wasn't raised wit my mother but my son was and his whole life of memories gone in a flash. If u know me then u know I'm gonna buy my family th biggest house I can afford and fill it wit more love. The devil is always workin but so is my God I got faith. Merry Christmas."

Check out Capo's post below.

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