I am pretty sure John Witherspoon didn't plan on being a hip hip icon when he started doing stand up comedy and became an actor years ago but it sure turned out that way.


Early this morning when I heard of his passing I had to think about the first time I saw John Witherspoon.

I was 10 when I first saw him in House Party so I didn't go to theaters to check out the movie and had to wait until it came on VHS to check it out.

This was my first memory of John Witherspoon as the pesky next-door neighbor in "House Party":

2 years later as a huge Eddie Murphy fan it was here in the movie Boomerang where Witherspoon played Jerard's (David Alan Grier) father and stole the show where he coined the phrase "Bang Bang Bang" and "You gotta coordinate":

To my understanding he had already starred in shows like "The Richard Pryor Show" and movies like "Hollywood Shuffle" "Vampire in Brooklyn" and "I'm gonna get you Sucka" but after that Boomerang appearance I started to take notice, then he hit Def Comedy Jam:

Then it happened! He starred as Craig's dad in the legendary movie Friday:

After that went on to star as pops on the Wayans Brothers show:

Came back for the sequel to Friday in "Next Friday":

He also starred in movies such as "The Ladies Man"

Reprised his role in another Friday Move, Friday After Next:

Was apart of a show that I thought should have stayed on TV the short-lived The Tracy Morgan Show:

As if it couldn't get any better began playing the role of grandpa on the cult classic Adult Swin Cartoon "The Boondocks"

And most recently starred in the Adult Swim show Black Jesus as LLOYD:

Throughout the years he stayed true to his number one love stand up comedy:

This was his last TV interview a few days ago with D.L. Hughley:

I remember him coming to my show when I did morning radio in Chicago and he was a great guy, with lots of stories.

This was everyone's "POPS".

This guy has given us great works of comedy that by mistake bled over to the hip hop world and has been apart of our lives for the past 30 years and beyond.

This is indeed sad news for the comedy and entertainment world and me!

We will miss you pops.

By the way, don't nobody go in the bathroom for at least 35-45 minutes...

John Witherspoon was 77 years old.


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