Every day is some sort of National Day, and today happens to be National Hot Dog Day.

Some of those national days are a little dubious, but I see no reason why we shouldn't set aside a special day for hot dogs. Besides burgers, they're the most iconic American food there is. They're ubiquitous. We scarf them down at ball games, backyard barbecues, camping trips - they're the definition of "food staple" here in the States.

Personally, when I think of hot dogs, two things come to mind: Texaco and Final Fantasy VIII.

Yes, an old gas station and a PlayStation 1 game. Hear me out.

When I was growing up in Troy, Mrs. Prince owned the old Texaco there. I'd stop in on my way home from school to say hi and grab a hot dog, a Big Red, and a bag of Doritos. It was a daily ritual, and for some reason those cheap gas station hot dogs just hit the spot. I can't explain it.

One of my all-time top ten favorite video games is Final Fantasy VIII. A running joke throughout the game's epic story is that the cafeteria in the high tech, high stakes military school the main characters attend is always out of hot dogs. That's stuck with me for some reason.

Anyway, if you're looking for some deals on hot dogs today, check out 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven app users can also get $1 Big Bite hot dogs today. Don't forget that you can get a free medium Slurpee all this month with the app as well.

So, what do you like on your hot dog? I'm a mustard and relish man myself, but when I'm feeling nostalgic I like to put Doritos on mine and swish it around with some Big Red.

I can't do that too often these days. Don't have that teenage metabolism anymore. I used to be able to put those things away like a trash can. Now I'm starting to look like a trash can.

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