K. Michelle is the topic of conversation around Twitter once more, this time because of her new look, which some people say make her resemble one of the plastic surgery-loving Kardashians, specifically, Kylie Jenner.

Michelle posted a picture of herself on Instagram yesterday (Nov. 14) saying that she was headed to her label to play her new album. However, it's the picture itself, of Michelle looking significantly different, that has sparked chatter.

While some fans have said that the new look is simply courtesy of a Snapchat filter, others expressed some dismay at the idea that Michelle has had plastic surgery when she was beautiful before. It does appear that a filter was used on the image, as the other pictures the singer posted on Instagram and Twitter yesterday don't show her with an altered appearance. However, Michelle admitted on Wendy Williams Show earlier this year that she had plastic surgery, which probably only propelled the rumors.

Take a look at what fans had to say on Twitter about K. Michelle's look.


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