I said this on the air a few years ago, after I saw a dude get out of his car and left it running and went in the store.

Who does this and why?

Is this a Texas thing or what??

I was born with street smarts, so I know better than to leave my whole car running while I go into an establishment.

Man, personally I'm the type of dude that locks my door every time I go to the laundry room across the way let alone leave my whole car running... and just leave it there.


Well someone, caught someone "slippin" the other day and now Killeen Police are looking for a car thief.

While it was wrong, I can't blame the person for taking the car because the driver should have known better than to keep the engine running.

According to Killeen Police's Facebook page, last Monday (9/21) someone left their car running when a young man walked past and noticed.

He then got in the car and eventually got into an accident on I-14 where he fled the scene.





Police are now looking for him, if you have any tips on where the suspect's whereabouts call Crimestoppers at 254-526-8477 your tips could lead to a cash reward.


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