So I have only been here in Killeen for 4 1/2 years, 5 years in August.

This means I caught the last few weeks of Club Croc being open and the beginning of the Club Tabu Era, I remember it was a country club called Cody's.

To my understanding, many clubs have opened in Killeen then close after a time then reopen with a brand new name.

So on Facebook yesterday my boy DJ HIMSHAWTY posed a question for his Facebook followers that intrigued me.

He asked what club would you bring back Junction 45 or Club Croc here's what they said:


For those who remember Starlite Station in Killeen, it's coming back! Country act Thompson Square will take the stage there Friday, February 21 to celebrate Starlite Station's triumphant return to the Killeen's night life. If you're into country or just want to join the party, tickets are on sale now.

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