I got an email from a listener looking for help, it reads:



I am reaching out to you because you are a DJ who is well respected in our Killeen Community and it is with a hopeful heart that maybe you can help this family.

Lisa Davis used to work at Chix and The Bunny Club and she was very good to me. Because of her, I am no longer a stripper and I have been off drugs for a year this month. She changed my life and I don't think she even is aware of how special of a person she really is.

Her husband has a heart condition called AFIB. Many people have this condition and are able to live normally with it managed on medications, however, the medications are not working for him. He was supposed to have a procedure done called an Ablation last week. While the condition of AFIB won't actually kill him, he could have a blood clot, stroke, or heart attack that could. His heart rate gets up into the 300's and it is very painful and scary.

Go Fund Me
Go Fund Me

The hospital waited until 11 am the day before the procedure to let him and his wife know that there was a problem with the Insurance and that the procedure wasn't covered. The lady with the insurance department told Lisa that she could be put on private pay and that she wouldn't be required to put any money down, and that it would not interrupt the procedure whatsoever. After speaking with the finance department of the hospital she found out that was not true at all. 2 of the office administrators that work in the finance department were very hateful and demeaning to both of them. They demanded that they put down $15000 up front and remit payments of $750 monthly for the procedure. Lisa was told that if she missed a payment they would file charges against her of theft of services. When she told them she didn't have that kind of money the Director of the hospital scolded her and told her that she wasn't an adult because she wasn't prepared with savings for emergencies and he told her that if her husband died that her problem would go away. She tried to call the Doctor's office and let them know what was happening. She also let them know that her husband was at home laying down because he was having an AFIB attack at that time and he was getting really sick. So the nurse left her on hold and came back and told her the Clinic Supervisor said to take him to the hospital where the procedure was going to be done and go through the ER. She said they would admit him and they would have no choice to but to do the procedure. Another nurse called and advised her of the same thing. So that is exactly what they did. The ER doctor told them that the procedure had been canceled but she was concerned he could have a heart attack so she was admitting him to be monitored. The next morning the Doctor who was supposed to do the procedure came in and chastised both Lisa and her husband for coming into the ER. It wasn't until she played the recorded phone calls that he stopped being ugly.


Now Compliance Directors and other administrators are calling every day, but NOTHING is being done to change the meds or to help them get this procedure done. After leaving the hospital last Friday her husband had to go to the ER and ended up being admitted to the ICU. This family needs help. She has started a GoFundMe page to try to raise the money for the procedure and his aftercare. We need to get the word out and see if we can get people to rally behind them and help raise this money. They also should have an attorney to represent them and help them as well.


Is there anything you can do to help?



Cass Jackson

If there is anyone who can help or donate here is the link to the Go Fund Me Page:


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