Shots fired in Killeen on Friday night resulted in the death of one victim according to our partners at News 10.

A press release says that police were called to the 1800 block of Mulford Street in Killeen on Friday night. When they arrived at the scene they found a 36-year-old male suffering from a gunshot wound. The male victim was taken to Carl R. Darnall Medical Center where police say he later passed away. They have scheduled an autopsy to be performed in Dallas.

Police are trying to finish notifying the victim's family before releasing his name. It's the third shooting in Killeen over the past 7 days and the second to end in a homicide.

Police say Martez Anthony Bryant was shot last Wednesday in the 3300 block of Hereford Lane. Killeen police say anyone with information should get ahold of the department.

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