Some University of Tennessee fans got the bright idea to paint an image of Drake onto the campus' famed landmark Rock ahead of their football showdown with the University of Georgia. Instead of serving as a good luck charm, the Volunteers ended up losing by more than four touchdowns to the Bulldogs.

A photo of The Rock's latest makeover was posted by the school's football account on Twitter on Saturday (Oct. 5), ahead of the game. The image shows a copy of a picture Drake posed for last year where he was rocking a UT shirt and manipulated the letters to read "Finesse."

"It takes some finesse. @Drake," the football account captioned the photo.

Not everyone was pleased with being associated with the rapper, as the running joke is Drizzy curses all sports teams he is affiliated with.

"How y’all gonna put the Drake curse on the rock today of all days?!" one person tweeted.

"As if we needed anymore bad luck," someone else noted.

"Now we are goin to lose by 60 instead of 50 ‍♂️," another person added.

Well, the Vols didn't lose by 60, but they did take a smacking at the hands of No. 3 ranked UGA to the tune of 29 points. It was a close game in the first quarter, with Tennessee even taking the lead, but the 'Dogs eventually shut the Vols out from the second quarter on out and pulled away for an easy victory. Tennessee has now dropped to 1-4 on the season. Needless to say, some fans are blaming the well-traveled MC. Drake curse or God's plan?

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