A Killeen mother is livid after a video of her son using the bathroom surfaced on the Internet.

Emani Payne with KCEN reports that the incident occurred at Palo Alto middle school in Killeen.

According to a police report, the student said he was using the bathroom, looked up, and saw a phone. By the time he left the stall the student who had the phone had already left. A few days later, a classmate showed the boy the video posted online of him using the bathroom.

"My son was cyber bullied," said Valeita Lucas, mother of the student. "He was violated. I want my child to be able to get up in the morning, get out of my car, and be comfortable at school. I want him to be able to get up and go to school and learn."

KISD reportedly filed charges against the student who had the phone and will now face a felony charge of improper photography and visual recording.

Superintendent John Craft says any student who unlawfully takes pictures or video of another student will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It’s kind of sad that the student with the camera now has a felony on their record and probably did not consider the consequences and effect they'd have on others before they did what they did. And now, because of their actions, another child has a long way to go before he feels safe in school again.

Parents, talk to these kids about right and wrong and respecting people's privacy and dignity. There's no excuse for behavior like this.

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