A few Killeen residents are understandably upset and could have to pay thousands of dollars due to a city policy that states that its the homeowner's responsibility, not the city's, for certain types of sewer repairs.

KCEN News 6's Andrew Moore reports that the city references a 1980 court ruling, Pittman v City of Amarillo, which states that the city "is responsible only for the maintenance of the sewer main".

For example, most homes have sewer lines that connect to a "sewer main" or main line. The lines that run from your home are called "lateral lines" and often go under public roads. If something goes wrong with your lateral line and you have to dig up city streets, YOU, the homeowner, are responsible for the cost....and that could mean THOUSANDS of dollars.

What do you think of this policy? Should the city cover the cost or should it be up to the homeowner?

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