As I have done my research on this topic, it seems the idea of banning chocolate milk in public schools has been an issue for a few years all across the country.

I see L.A. and San Francisco schools have already banned chocolate milk due to the sugar content, and now the same thing may be happening in New York.

The Department of Education's documented priority is the health and well-being of all of its students, and it seems as if certain cities are looking to do just that.

But there are arguments against prohibiting chocolate milk.

Nutritionist Reyna Franco told WCBS-TV that schools serve skim milk that has more sugar than chocolate milk and the daily sugar intake shouldn't be any more than 25 grams. Parents are concerned that if chocolate milk (a good source of calcium) isn't an option, their kids will just turn to drinks that contain far more sugar.

According to statistics in New York, 40% of kids in elementary schools are overweight or obese. Would banning the drink make a difference?

Parents what do you think?

What if a chocolate milk ban was proposed here in Central Texas?

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