As the community is still mourning the loss of Killeen singer Dez Omni, rapper Mack Brown, A.K.A  G A Mizthaunderstood, was tragically killed over the weekend.

He was last seen partying at a club in Killeen.

According to KWTX, he was the other gentleman involved in a shooting early Sunday morning in which two men reportedly shot each other.

The Killeen Police Department says Brown and another man got into an argument inside a home on Middleton Street in Killeen.

No report on what or why the two argued, but the altercation turned into two shots being fired at each other.

The other guy involved in the shooting was transported to a hospital in Temple and reportedly is in stable condition. Brown, however, was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to Facebook tributes, Brown was loved and was a prominent artist here in the Killeen area.


He and I were Facebook friends. While it's sad to hear about anybody dying, it's especially hard when that person is loved by their community the way GA was. It's clear he was an artist with a big following here in Central Texas, and there's no telling where he could have gone if he hadn't lost his life this way.

My prayers and condolences go out to his friends and family.

Here are a few of GA's songs and videos in case you're not familiar with this work.





Here's a link to his youtube page:


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