While the COVID-19 crisis leaves most people around the country experiencing hard times, being laid off from their jobs, and needing support, this particular region of Texas is looking quite promising as it relates to employment during the pandemic.

A recent study featured on SmartAssett.com has The Killeen- Temple metro at number 22 on their list of top 25 cities around the country for career opportunities. Bryan-College Station ranked number 1, while Las Vegas, Nevada ranking last.

22's actually pretty good for us. According to the list, we're in good company.


The data was gathered by looking at each area's median income, income growth over career, change in total employment from last year, annual median housing costs, the number of teachers and counselors, and, most importantly, the unemployment rate.

According to the study, the metros that featured prominent colleges and universities presented better opportunities, so it makes sense that Bryan-College Station would rank so highly with Texas A&M located there.

The other Texas city ranked in the study is Waco, which came in at number 11.

Something else you may want to credit the good numbers to would be the Governor's jobs website, which was promoted more when the pandemic hit.

Texas hasn't been immune to the economic impact of the pandemic. The Texas Tribune reports that state's unemployment rate was 8.6% in June. As of August 1st, 3.1 million Texans had filed for unemployment relief since mid-March.

No doubt times are tough, but it's good to know that our area is considered one of the strongest when it comes to opportunities.

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