Summertime in Killeen, Texas means a lot of our children have too much free time on their hands. Some are going to camp or are camped in their room playing Fortnite, but it looks like a few are out looking to break into cars if footage shared by one of our listeners is any indication.

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The summers in Central Texas while growing up are definitely fun, but there are some things that you can point out that are completely negative. Children being out of school means no particular bedtime, no particular bedtime leads to boredom, and sometimes boredom leads to unnecessary activities in the city. Earlier today a gentleman posted in a private group on Facebook warning people in Killeen to be on the lookout for teenagers looking for opportunities to break into cars.



Marvin Wallace was kind enough to share the video with us, which shows two kids in hoodies prowling around his driveaway before helping themselves to the contents of his vehicle.

Wallace said he made the mistake of leaving his doors unlocked, which he acknowledged was definitely his fault, and he wants to make sure that everyone in Central Texas is aware that there are kids out there who have nothing better to do and will happily grab whatever they can.


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There are a couple of lessons here.

First, always, always, always lock your doors. Even if you're just running into the corner store to grab something real quick, someone can easily slide into your car and either steal your valuable or just take off. Never leave your doors unlocked at home. No matter how safe and quiet your neighborhood seems, there could be people prowling around trying doors. Some people have what they call a 9PM Routine, in which they set an alarm for 9PM to remind them to go around checking every lock on their vehicles and home before bed.


Second, know where your kids are. It's sad that I even have to say this, but be a parent and be aware of what your kids are up to. Who knows where the parents of these two brats were while they were helping themselves to other people's stuff.



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