We all make mistakes.

We all drink alcohol.

But there has to be a level of self-discipline when it comes to children and alcohol.

Yesterday, after being convicted on similar charges in the past, a judge sentenced 30-year-old Kendra Lynette Webb to 8 months confinement in state jail.

Webb was found guilty on felony charges of driving while intoxicated with a child passenger and abandoning a child under 15.

The Killeen Daily News reports that her alcohol level was almost 3 times the legal limit.

This isn’t the first time Webb has been arrested and convicted on driving drunk and abandonment charges.

She was convicted back in 2011 and 2012 for abandoning her three children including an infant and received eight years of deferred probation.

And just last year in October of 2018, she was arrested on a drunk driving charge while three children all under the age of 15 were in the car.

Hopefully during the eight months she’ll be serving in jail and the sobriety she will be experiencing, she will learn her lesson of not putting her children in danger.

Sending good vibes her way, and hopefully she learns from her many mistakes.

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