A week ago today (July 8), Killer Mike appeared on an Atlanta radio station urging residents to speak with their wallets, to move their money to banks that support Black causes. “Take your money out of this dog’s hands,” he said, expressing his own anger, hurt, disgust and shame at the most recent cases of police brutality against Black Americans. "It is time to get angry and do something. It is time to prevent these abusers and these police that abuse the law.”

Now, Citizens Trust Bank is reporting that in the past five days, more than 8,000 people have opened an account with them of at least $100, meaning that in the time since Mike pleaded with the residents of his city, at least $800,000 has been moved. The Run the Jewels rapper reposted the above image from Citizens Trust, writing, "The goal is 100 Milli! Let's keep pushing."

Following the news that Alton Sterling and Philando Castile had been shot and killed by police in consecutive days, rappers have been calling for activism that goes beyond protesting or online outrage. Mike's call represent a notion that change will only occur when profits are effected. By putting ones monetary support in businesses and politicians that champion Black causes, residents are speaking in a volume greater than words can signify. Citizens Bank has tweeted their thanks to both Mike and to the residents who have chosen to bank with them, with a few tweets included below.

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