Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby girl arrived on Monday, Jan. 15 via surrogate, and already, outlets are thirsty for a glimpse of the baby. So much so, TMZ reports the star couple has been offered millions for a picture.

But the idea of selling their baby's pictures doesn't vibe well with Kim and Kanye, at all—even though some of the outlets and sites offered between $2-$5 million, per TMZ's sources. In fact, they were all reportedly immediately rejected because selling their baby's picture goes against their morals.

Of course, neither Kim or Kanye is new to the celebrity fame game. Security detail on the family is tight, and although they realize at some point folks will get pics of the baby, they want to share the images on their own timetable.

Obviously, no pictures have surfaced yet. The baby's birth just began making the news rounds yesterday. If they follow what they've done in the past, we'll get a glimpse of baby girl about two months from now. Their other children, North (4) and Saint (2), didn't make a public appearance until they were two months old.

At some point, the new baby will make its debut on Keeping Up With Kardashians as well, as the family recently signed a new deal with E! for $150 million back in October 2017.

In the meantime, don't expect to see the new baby girl for a couple more months.



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