Kim Kardashian is facing backlash from fans about her new shapewear line, Kimono.

The new line's name, "Kimono," is now being considered for a trademark in the U.S., which has created an outrage on social media. A Kimono is a traditional Japanese robe that features long sleeves — and Kardashian's line comes more than a thousand years after the popularizing of the Japanese garment, which dates back to 794 AD.

People are so upset over the title of the line that they have even created their own hashtag: #KimOhNo. Thousands of users are sharing why the name of the band is so distasteful to them and the Japanese culture.

Although most people weren't thrilled at the name of the line, fans were excited at the reported inclusivity of the collection, with sizes ranging from XXS-4XL and nine different shades of skin tones. But even though the line claims it goes to a 4XL, fans were also disappointed that no plus-size models were used in the promotional images for the shapewear line.

The new controversy comes days after Kardashian launched her body makeup line to mixed reviews. Whereas some fans were thrilled with the idea to cover their bodies in liquid makeup to cover parts of their body they are insecure about, others asked why people need it in the first place.

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