Students at Ellison and Harker Heights High schools are outraged with KISD after receiving a letter stating that there will be a 9-guest limit at their graduation ceremonies at the Bell County Expo Center.

According to The Killeen Daily Herald's Matt Payne, the students have started a petition (which has already gathered close to 500 signatures) to ask KISD superintendent John Craft to move the ceremonies to Leo Buckley Stadium in Killeen. They believe that it's unfair for Ellison and Harker Heights to have guest limits while Killeen High and Shoemaker don't have a limit on guests that could attend.

For the 2018 graduation, we were told it would be held at the Belton Expo Center, which holds 6,559. We were also told we would be receiving 9 tickets to invite our family. However many of us have extended family that have waited a long time to see us graduate, and 9 tickets is simply not enough for most of us. - statement from petition

I personally attended Ellison's graduation last year and saw first hand how seating is tough to find in the Bell County Expo Center and how rowdy these ceremonies can get with family and extended family fighting for seats and space to witness their child graduating. With Ellison and HH growing at such a fast rate, should the District take their requests under consideration?

What do you think? Should Ellison and Harker Heights High move their ceremonies? Feel free to share your thoughts in our poll:

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