Kodak Black dodged a bullet after being detained and released without being charged following a fight in a Hollywood, Calif. club.

The incident went down on Saturday morning (Dec. 1) at the Playhouse Nightclub. According to TMZ, a brawl broke in the establishment shortly after midnight. Police quickly arrived on the scene and quelled the altercation. They then took Lil Kodak and his crew outside and put them in handcuffs while they investigated the situation.

Video of the aftermath of the melee uploaded by DJ Pharris shows Kodak and another crew member in cuffs standing on the sidewalk. The rapper is wearing a white shirt and orange kicks. Police search through the "Roll in Peace" rhymer's vehicle while he looks on shaking his head at times.

"It went down in the club, now they got Kodak chained up," Pharris notes in the video. "They got into a brawl in the club and they shook them down, though. They got his whole gang, cuffed up, car emptied out."

Sources tell TMZ, the rapper was released shortly after the video was taken and he was not charged with a crime.

Kodak needs to be on his best behavior after being released from jail in August. He recently revealed his new album Dying to Live drops on Dec. 14. It will be the follow-up to the Heartbreak Kodak project released in February.

Check out the video of Kodak Black being detained below.

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