The new and soon to be largest Buc-ee's on Earth is opening on June 10th, and it will be the second time this Texas location will be the biggest Buc-ee's in existence. No, this is not a remodel and expansion, this new Buc-ee's is located on the opposite side of Interstate 10 and a little further west from the previous record holding travel plaza in Luling.

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Buc-ee's gas stations began opening over 40 years ago in 1982 in Clute, and there are a few regular sized convenience store stations throughout Texas, however, when most people speak of their Buc-ee's experiences, or they are going to a Buc-ee's they are most often referring to the ginormous family travel plazas that are not only spread across the Lone Star State, but also much of the southeast United States.

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Largest On The Earth, New Buc-ee's Opening Soon In Texas

Currently, the newly opened Hillsboro location is the largest Buc-ee's in Texas, but when the newest store opens in just over a week, it will return the title of largest ever to Luling where the first plaza opened in 2003. That's right, the first Buc-ee's travel plaza only opened 21 years ago, and outgrew its walls in just two decades.

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Right now, the largest Buc-ee's on Earth is located near Dollywood in Tennessee at 74,707 square feet. The Luling location is opening at an even 75,000.

Both will be taking a backseat soon, as a Central Florida store is being built that will be 80,000 square feet.

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