Oh hell naw....

When I first saw this headline that was my first, second and third reaction...oh hell naw.

According to KWTX, a lawmaker in Oklahoma is proposing legislation to make attacks on police officers, first responders, and military a hate crime.

So when is the legislation going to be passed that designates harming an innocent person (of color) a hate crime?

In this day and age, I am not for any law that protects police officers further. They are already equipped with body armor, bulletproof vests, mace, and taser guns, while we as citizens have nothing.

They are already asking that you to adhere to the officer's commands when they are rude disrespectful and using profanity towards you, now you want to give them more power?

Hell Naw....

Reportedly, lawmakers can file legislation as early as November for February's session.

Senator Casey Murdock, a Republican said:

“After the events this weekend in California – and the terrible attack on our police officers in Tulsa earlier this summer – it’s more important than ever to protect our law enforcement officers and the individuals putting their lives on the line to protect our safety,” Murdock said.

“With the hatred and unrest in this country, we must classify these careers as a protected class. Attacks against our peace officers are absolutely a hate crime because they are targeted based on their profession.”

He is talking about violence against cops that occurred at a protest against police brutality.

Let that sink in.

Yet another out -of- touch lawmaker who probably knows what's going on with how some cops abuse their power, but doesn't care.

Address the first problem first.

Pass legislation designed to protect civilians from crooked cops.

Then we won't have to worry about having special measures designed to protect cops.

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