I got to be honest with you: technology has spoiled me.

For instance, it’s odd getting into a car if it doesn’t have a reverse camera these days.

And I would be completely lost without GPS.

It Looks Like A Lot Of Texans Are Lazy

So before I start telling you guys about how lazy Texans are, let me just say that I am voicing this and not actually typing this, so I guess it doesn’t help my point, right?

Our friends over at the website barbend.com did a study of over 3,400 Americans that shows we are always looking to take the easiest route to get somewhere.

In fact, 1 out of 3 Americans would reportedly rather drive than walk for five minutes to get somewhere. The survey concluded that about 35% of Texans fall into that category.

The results showed 41% of those surveyed said they don’t feel they walk enough each day.

So walk!

Benefits Of Walking

We all know the effects of walking, and the data shows we're right about its benefits. According to Healthline, it’s perfect for improving cardiovascular health, improving sleep, alleviating stress, and lowering blood sugar among other benefits.

Not to mention that it saves you money on gas, but people in Texas still don’t care! LOL

Men Walk More Than Women In Texas

The study found that men walk more than women, averaging almost 3,200 steps per day. Women only seem to get in 2,900 steps per day.

But It Depends On The Weather 

When people in Texas walk also depends on the weather.

When the temperature in Texas drops, there’s little chance of anybody walking anywhere, including me!

No Steps Either

To put a cherry on top, how lazy are we?

These same people who were polled say they would even skip a short flight of stairs to take an escalator or elevator.

Is it technology or is that we’re just lazy? I’m rolling with the latter

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