What's going on with Lil Yachty?

Naturally some days are better then others but Lil Yachty been on tip for the last few days!

It all started Friday night in Austin where I got a chance to witness Lil Yachty perform live during SXSW and let's just say I wasn't impressed- like at all!

During the Universal x Puma event he was just super dry and laxadasical which caused fans to react in a somber mood. Some fans were understanding and just chopped up as "he's tired," I mean it was one of the last few days of SXSW so that's to be expected but others didn't hold their tongues for their dissatisfaction.

One fan in particular yelled out that Lil Yachty was boring and it was his fault that the crowd wouldn't turnup with him..

So you know as soon as the fan yelled it I was pulling out my phone like "oh this is going to be good."

Needless, to say Lil Yachty went off!! The fan was all type of bad words!

He's currently beefing with another ATL artist by the name of Thouxanbanfauni on twitter. Apparently, the two got into Saturday! Check out the footage below...  

I hope Lil Yachty gets it together!


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