Well first let me give you my opinion on the album:  STRONG C /  B-

My thoughts on The Carter V:

-Didn’t live up to the hype

- Could have condensed it to 12-13 songs would have been a better project

- As I was listening to it, I kept having to tell myself “ok This is 2018 Wayne and not 2007 Wayne so expect evolvement” so I dig him trying to sound like “2018”

- “Mona Lisa” “Open Letter” “Let it all work out” “Uproar” and “Hittas” are the tracks I listened to again.

Still .....not a bad album definitely isn’t wack


Listen to The Carter V here.

What do you think about Carter V?

The Carter V

I asked listeners what they thought, they had this to say:

Annnnd, of course, we are banging joints from The Carter V from Lil Wayne all weekend on B106 Hip Hop and R&B!

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