I shared this story a few times.

A few years ago, while driving in the suburbs of Chicago I hit 2 baby deer. They weren't fully grown deer, nor were they fawns.

(By the way I had to look up the definition of fawn lol) It happened so quick, All I heard was "bloop", "bloop" on the left side of my car, I closed my eyes....and I looked over and saw 2 teenage (let's use that term) deer running off to the right...Keep in mind I'm driving.

Texas is ranked the 38th state likely to run into a deer, despite a new study done by State Farm Insurance showing your chances of hitting one in the state of Texas in 2017 is 7% higher than last year.

And get this:

The number of deer-related accidents occurring between the months of October and December increase!

My car had like.....$2000 in damages and I needed to get a new hood but I suffered no injuries.

But since that day, I have been afraid to drive where I know deer are.

Photo courtesy of KWTX
Photo courtesy of KWTX

State Farm also encourages motorists not to swerve, and to hit a deer on the road if necessary.

Wait .....what???

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