When thieves start stealing from organization trying to help the poor, it means the one-per-centers are winning.

Via Ke'Sha Lopez/KWTX
Via Ke'Sha Lopez/KWTX

It's rob from the rich, to give to the poor. Seems simple enough, but when stupid people start stealing it gets all turned around.

Thieves broke into the Cornerstone Church food pantry in Riesel for the 2nd time in two weeks.

Pastor Cyd Collins tells KWTX the thieves used a crowbar to get in the first time, but the second time they went in through an unlocked front door.

After the first robbery, Pastor Collins had the locks changed. She said, "The locks had just been replaced and I hadn’t even handed out the new keys to people yet.”

As added idiot bonus, the second time the thieves turned the heat up on two freezers, spoiling 300 to 400 pounds of meat. This limited the amount of meat they could hand out to families.

“We were able to replace the meat for this week, so when everyone showed up we were able to give each family two packages of meat." said Collins.

On a normal day they could hand out three to four packages.

Can't wait for these idiots to be caught. Too lazy to steal from the rich, so they're picking on the poor. Guess who serves on juries, Einstein.

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