Flaws are OK. That is what singer Lorde is preaching on Twitter, but the singer, who we need to remember is just 17, is not paying lip service to the concept. She is not showing -- she is doing. She shared an Photoshopped image and a real one, pointing out the difference.

The first image finds the Kiwi singer looking exotic, with pale skin and her usual vampy lips and wild tussle of curls. It's also a face-forward shot. She looks utterly perfect.

The second shot is the singer on the same day, at the same performance, and it's a profile image -- only her skin is not porcelain and flaw-free. The untouched photo shows that she has some acne, which is normal for a teenager. She is still the same, beautiful Lorde.

We love the singer's message that it is fine to have flaws and that perfection is not obtainable or realistic. Even so, Lorde is lovely, flaws and all! Perfection is boring; it's our flaws that make us interesting.

It's a strong message to send to her young fans, and we applaud her for it. She has gotten herself into a bit of hot water with the media in the past for making super honest comments without running them through a filter. Case in point: her reference to Taylor Swift and standards of perfection, which was taken out of context. T. Swizzle totally picked up what Lorde was putting down, and the ladies ended up being besties.

Lorde has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics and will release her first collabo with the makeup brand this summer.

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