According to Killeen Daily Herald, the Killeen Police Department has issued 257 noise violation tickets since December 22 of 2015. Yes, there has been a drop off since 2009, which accrued over 1,000 noise violation citations, but that was back when fines were much, much less. Most of the violations came from moving vehicles, said former Police Chief Dennis Baldwin.

Many citizens have voiced their issues about ongoing noise in the late hours of the night. Residents such as Faye Portilla told KDH that she has contacted both Killeen PD and the Bell County Sheriff's Department, but generally noise offenders turn it down when they see police only to turn it back up when they leave.

I just don’t know what else to do, it’s just been terrible. It’s nothing but harassment. It’s just pitiful, they’ve had it going on all morning long and no one has done anything about it.

City Councilman Brockley Moore has been an advocate of preventing noise distress in the city of Killeen.

Last week another resident on Hall Avenue took footage of the noise he complained about while waiting for police. He seemed deterred and gave up eventually.

While this is not a completely solvable issue, there are ways we can limit the issues. It's all about respect and getting to know your neighbors in your community. I can't imagine meeting retired folk next door and then blasting music at midnight with a good conscience. Can you?

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