Ever since Remy Ma joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop, she's always tried to stay out of everyone's drama. However, on last night's season eight reunion special, Remy couldn't hold herself back when she felt Bri was overstepping her boundaries.

Bri felt the need to defend herself when asked about her beef with Bianca. And even though Bianca said she no longer has issues with the other young rapper, Bri continued to talk about how she would drag someone if she were ever confronted. Finally, Remy couldn't take it anymore and told Bri that she was too small to actually physical do that, and it wasn't worth her time to even deal with the petty drama.

Despite the back and forth, Remy and Papoose did have more positive news to share. No, they're not pregnant yet. However, they're hoping to hear good news after the IVF treatments. But they're not the only ones who are expecting. Lil Mo and Karl, despite all their problems, announced that they were going to be having a baby. And even though they still have some things to sort out, it looks like this couple has found a way to stay together.

Meanwhile, Yandy and Judy finally confronted the awkwardness that they felt this season. First, Judy made a ruckus during Graph's shoot when she saw Yandy putting lotion on him. But then, Yandy had to find out that Judy was seeing another younger man.

While everyone gave props to Ms. Judy because she never lost her groove, unfortunately Yandy received a message that she didn't expect to hear. The show surprised Yandy with a message from Mendeecees, and he felt some type of way about how she was being extra and how she had been dressing. Despite the fact that Yandy was upset about it, she did try to keep it together and say that he always knew that he was extra.

Anais, Rich and Ruben were the love triangle of the season. And while Anais and Ruben are working things out for the sake of their family, she had many words for Rich Dollaz. She said that while she loved the attention, he should have known better. Meanwhile, Rich declared his innocence and tried to shift the blame onto Anais. As all of that was happening, Ruben sat there, probably believing that he won in the end.

Jonathan also had his chance to talk, not only because of the ex who tried to two-time him but he also opened up more about telling his mother and sister about gay conversion therapy. While he's still working things out with his family, Jonathan said that wanted to help other young people who went through the same thing.

Finally, James R. was put in the hot seat. First, he faced off with Mariahlynn and said that he didn't care that much for her. But she clapped back and said that he wouldn't even be on the show if it wasn't for her. And to end the first part of the reunion, he also took aim at Snoop and started to throw shots at her gender, sexual orientation and everything in between. Snoop wasn't going to stand for that and was ready to jump on stage.

Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens between James and Snoop as well as the rest of the drama on Love & Hip Hop.


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