After school trips to the mall, and all day hangs on the weekends is not the go to activity for tweens and teens in Texas like it once was for those of us that grew up in the 80s and 90s. What really made going to shopping malls the top destination for social gatherings back in the day was the presence of anchor stores, but now one of the most popular retailer in America has announced more layoffs and store closings.

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For many consumers, the benefits of one stop shopping at the mall has been replaced with one click purchasing at their fingertips. Bedrooms have replaced dressing rooms, and our steps are now counted by smart watches instead of all the aisles we traveled in places like Macy's.

There really was nothing like your first unsupervised trip to the mall as a kid.

I don't know if I was nearly that gob struck with seeing my first big time shopping mall, but definitely recognize the look on their face from my first experience in an IMAX.

Why are Macy's locations closing across the country?

According to this article with Fox Business, the store is laying off over 2,000 employees and closing five stores as,

"A new strategy to meet the needs of an everchanging consumer."

As consumers continue to demand at home shopping with free exchanges and returns, the brick and mortar locations will continue to face major challenges.

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