SXSW is here!

You know that from the scams whether it’s promoters throwing fake shows and taking your money or in this case where a guy was arrested on yesterday for selling fake credentials.

SXSW organizers received multiple reports of people selling and buying fraudulent credentials. So SXSW officials thoroughly checked back end data and camera footage until it found two festival volunteers printing out fake passes.


Austin Police Department
Austin Police Department

An affidavit filed in court found that 25-year-old Antonio Ferrera Jr. reported for his volunteer shift yesterday and SXSW officials informed police officers that they saw him make and then sell a fake pass to someone.

Apparently, Ferrera made an ad on craigslist for SXSW passes and reportedly sold three one for $1650 each.

He was later arrested and is still in custody of the Austin police wow!

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