Known as the Romeo of Rimini, an Italian stud known for banging em died..... while banging em!

Maurizio Zanfanti was a club promoter back in the 1970s when he was 17 and since then he has reportedly slept with over 6,000 women.

He once boasted an average of 200 women he would sleep with over the summer in some years.

"King Ding -A- Ling " was dubbed Italy's "Most Succesful Lover" back in 1986!

It was even reported that he sexed down a French journalist who was interviewing him!

"We lost a legend of the night" said the Mayor of Rimini.

Maurizio Zanfanti was 63.

Tonight when you get busy with your significant other....think of ole King Ding -A -Ling a holla!  lol.....


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