In recent weeks, Mariah Carey and her ex-fiance James Packer have been undergoing a muddy fallout after the iconic singer discovered that her multi-billionaire beau was involved in an incident with her assistant overseas.

Since their debacle of a vacation in Greece, the couple split up and have caused a massive stir in the tabloids with their latest decision. To make matters worse, according to TMZ, Carey is placing the blame on Scientology expert, Tommy Davis for the demise between her and Packer. Mariah believes that Davis played an instrumental role in reshaping the mind of Packer and cautioned him in spending excessively on Carey.

In efforts to slow down his frivolous spending, he recruited Davis, who warned him on numerous occasions to steer clear of falling into the habit of spoiling his lady. Because the two are on the outs, Mariah is stacking up her bargaining chips and is preparing for war. Believe it or not, Carey is demanding a whooping $50 million for Packer electing to break-up with her and causing her emotional trauma. Not only did Carey uproot her family in hopes of maintaining the pulse of the relationship, but because of that, she's looking for him to purchase her a home in L.A. as a parting gift.

Only time will tell if Packer decides to oblige to Mariah's lofty demands.

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