MC Ren is still working on his next music project, Rebel Music. Although back in July, he said that he wasn't going to have any features on the EP, but it looks like he changed his mind.

In an interview with Unique Access Ent., the self-proclaimed “Ruthless Villain” said that he's securing two big features for the project. Ren revealed that he has a collaborative song with fellow N.W.A member Ice Cube and he’s trying to get DJ Premier to send him a classic boom-bap instrumental for him to rap on.

“Right now, man, I’m kind of chilling right now,” Ren said when asked what asked about his long-awaited EP (via HipHopDX). “The last thing I did, I did something with [E-A-] Ski. It’s a song called ‘Fear’ [that] me and [Ice] Cube is on, that’ll be dropping soon. I talked to [DJ] Premier and me and him supposed to be cooking up something."

“So we’ll see how that go, that’d be a good mix,” he continued. “I remember Premier said, ‘Do you want me to do a West Coast beat?’ [and] I was like, ‘Man, I want a Premier beat. I don’t want no regular sounding West Coast beat, I want a Premier beat.’ I wanna try and flip that with my lyrics.”

Outside of the music, Ren said that he's working on a documentary about his storied 30-year career in the rap game.

“I’m working on a documentary, man, about myself [and] my travels through the music game, from beginning to end," he said. "We laying the blueprints and getting everything up to speed so hopefully we’ll start shooting that real soon.”

We can't wait to see that. It's good to see that MC Ren is still spitting his ruthless bars.

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