The drama that is Meek Mill's parole violation and subsequent house arrest was supposed to come to an end Wednesday night (June 1), but it appears that he's got a few more days shacked up in his Philly abode, as word has come out that his house arrest has been extended.

TMZ is reporting that Meek has been hit with an additional eight days after failing to complete the appropriate kind of community service.

According to sources connected to Meek, the rapper volunteered at the wrong locations, failing to follow a judge's orders. Documents obtained by the celebrity news site show that a judge had specified that Meek needed to perform 90 days of community service with the homeless, Habitat for Humanity or senior citizens and veterans. While Meek's people claim that such a distinction was never made, the print seems to suggest otherwise.

Meek apparently visited schools, helped with the Flint, Michigan water crisis and delivered motivational speeches and while he did put in hours at a homeless shelter, they evidently weren't enough. In January, he donated 60,000 water bottles to Flint residents. Meek's original release date was scheduled for Wednesday, but the Philadelphia D.A.'s Office said it will reevaluate his status once the proper volunteer work is completed.

Meek has yet to offer any statement via social media, but with another hoop for the rapper to jump through there is likely a prevailing feeling of frustration. Peep the story over at TMZ, with the finish line for this ordeal delayed just a week longer.

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