Have the inserts been missing inside your copy of the Killeen Daily Herald? Chances are this guy may have had them. Meet Andrew Alfaro. The 31-year-old decided it would be a good idea to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of circulars and coupons from his employer (and you the subscriber).

Andrew and two other individuals have all been charged with stealing the advertising circulars. That's theft of over $30,000 but less than $150,000. Alfaro was charged with the crime alongside 48-year-old Phillip Hull and 53-year-old Sandra Hull.

Newspaper officials said they noticed pallets of flyer inserts had gone missing since early this month and went to their security footage. That's when they discovered Alfaro showing up at the warehouse and operating a forklift. Chelsea Edwards with News 10 reports Alfaro could be seen on the security footage taking the pallets via the forklift to two vehicles waiting outside.

The affidavit says Alfaro admitted to taking the pallets of flyers and admitted he knew it was wrong to do so. He then ratted out Phillip and Sandra Hull as the drivers of the waiting vehicles seen on the security footage. Alfaro and Phillip Hull no longer show up on the jail's roster as of Monday evening so they must have bonded out.

Keep an eye on your newspapers!

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